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Citizens Passport / Saaspass

Continuing in 2015 – cableway and PostAuto bus travel included!

You can benefit from the Citizens’ Pass all-inclusive offers right now. From your very first night’s stay, you can enjoy unlimited travel on eight of the nine local cableways and all PostAuto buses throughout the Saas Valley (from Saas-Balen).

The Citizen’s Pass was introduced in 2012, and since then has become so popular that it is hard to imagine the Free Republic of Holidays without it. This much-loved holiday must-have is therefore here to stay, and from summer 2015 you can reap all the benefits from your very first night’s stay rather than the second.
This means that from summer 2015 you can enjoy unlimited travel on all cableways (except the Metro Alpin) as well as free use of the PostAuto buses (not valid at the arrival and departure) throughout the entire Saas Valley from your first night’s stay – that’s no fewer than eight cableways and as many journeys as you like on the comfortable and practical PostAuto bus! And that’s not all…
...from Winter 2015/16 you can also benefit from a cool 10 percent off when you purchase a three-day ski pass.

You will receive your fantastic Citizen’s Pass upon payment of the obligatory “adventure tax” of CHF 4 per adult and CHF 3 per child per night as soon as you arrive, ensuring total holiday freedom in the Free Republic of Holidays Saas-Fee!
What are you waiting for? Book your stay in the beautiful Saas Valley now.

 - Unlimited use of the following cableways from your first night’s stay:
  • Saas-Grund – Kreuzboden
  • Kreuzboden – Hohsaas
  • Saas-Almagell – Furggstalden
  • Furggstalden – Heidbodme
  • Saas-Fee – Plattjen
  • Saas-Fee – Hannig
  • Saas-Fee – Morenia
- Unlimited use of the PostAuto buses in the Saas Valley on the following routes:
  • Saas-Balen – Saas-Fee
  • Saas-Grund – Mattmark reservoir
- Reduced-fare parking in Saas-Fee

*If you have booked your stay through a travel agent, it is possible that a charge will be made for the citizens’ pass.

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