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Glacierbike Downhill, March 2016

In March the spectacular Glacier Bike Downhill race will take place in Saas-Fee for the 13th time.

TThis incredible event really gets the adrenaline pumping - for the spectators as well as the competitors! Bike races on earth or tarmac can be fast enough, but here the daredevil cyclists are racing downhill at breakneck speeds on ice and snow! And they have to master a height difference of 1,700 m, starting from an elevation of 3,500 a.s.l.


The bikers all start together from the start line 3,500 a.s.l. on the Mittelallalin and ride down to the glacier village at 1,800 m. And it's not just their rivals the competitors have to worry about as they have to take on a steep track covered in snow and ice. A big challenge for even the most experienced mountain bikers! After the race is over and the competitors have been rewarded with reenergising snacks and drinks, a prize-giving ceremony is held at the finish line.


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