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The End Of Season Waterslide Splash, 25. April 2014

Caribbean-feeling in Saas-Fee: "SPLASH"

Easter Festival with Nostalgic Races, 5. April 2015

On Easter Sunday, 5th of April 2015, a cozy season end festival takes place in the snowsport and hiking region Hohsaas.

Allalin Races, 10. - 11. April 2015

It's no coincidence that Allalin sounds so much like adrenaline!

Season End Après-Ski Parade, 18. April, 2015

The ultimative one and only Partymile in Saas-Fee.

ICE & SOUND: Ice Climbing Youth Championship (UIAA) January 2016

Young and extrem athletic! The first of the two action-packed ice climbing weekends!

Valley races, 19. march 2016

Five ski clubs - one competition, and the question: who's the best in the valley!

Glacierbike Downhill, March 2016

Some just think that's totally crazy, the others consider it THE event on two wheels!

ICE & SOUND: Ice Climbing Worldcup (UIAA) January 2016

Trendy and the pure passion: The competitive sport " ice climbing" in which the world elite in the parking Saas-Fee applies.

Saas-Fee Filmfest, 9. - 13.03.2016

The film festival in a unique world of mountains and glaciers. It brings extraordinary films, film-makers and actors to Saas-Fee.

Horn Sledge Races, March 2016

If you like sledging and snow, you'll love whizzing downhill on traditional horn sledges!


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Free republic of holidays Saas-Fee

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