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Winter hiking

Do you want to enjoy some quiet time this winter, away from the commotion of Christmas parties and social engagements? Perhaps the stillness and serenity of a snow-covered forest would do the trick? In the Saas Valley 60 km of well-maintained winter hiking paths await you.

If you have the right equipment, a winter ramble provides the perfect opportunity to relax and get away from it all.

Hiking pass
More information about the hiking pass here.

Hiking trails Saas valley
Hannig - Alpenblick - Saas-Fee
Felskinn - Egginerjoch
Egginerjoch - Britanniahütte
Kreuzboden - Trift-Saas-Grund
Furggstalden - Saas-Almagell

Snowshoe trails Saas Valley
Kreuzboden - Trift - Saas-Grund
Kreuzboden - Kreuzboden
Hohsaas - Kruzboden
Furggstalden - Saas-Almagell
New winter hiking trails

NEW Winterhiking trail Längfluh, panoramic mountain trail ca. 45min to the glacier ice front and back. The trail is open from Saturday 21 December.

NEW Snow show trail Plattjen until the mountain restaurant "Vernissage". Last descent with the cable car from the middle station Plattjen at 16.30. Because of the bad sow conditions the trail is not open for the next days. Tank you for your understanding.



The snowman symbol on the yellow hiking path signposts means that the paths are cleared and maintained throughout the winter. Guided winter hikes are available on request. Maps of the winter hiking paths with detailed information are available from the valley’s tourist information offices. 

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